• We would like to introduce ourselves as the Real Estate Consultant for the past 30 years. And presently, we have upgraded ourselves for the latest trend of operations (i.e.) Joint Venture.
  • After all, in a JV you have to take into account another persons attitude, decision-making process, (or inability to make a decision), whether they have a logical and sensible mind ... the list goes on.
  • So, getting into a JV must have a good payback for you.
  • A JV Agreement sets out what each party will contribute, both money and effort, and sets out each party’s obligations. It also sets out what happens if the parties 'fall-out' with each other as well as the division of profits or losses.
  • We want to involve more developments and expansions in the upcoming projects. You might benefit from their knowledge of new technologies and get a better quality of service.

    Usually the most problematic issue will be the property with a clear title with proper owners / mediators for a positive development. The builder’s aim might be to strengthen their business from a guaranteed volume of sales. We carefully screen Members and the support and education provided are very effective.
    • I own land ... have capital & capacity to borrow ... but no experience.
    • I have capital & capacity to borrow ... partner has land ... both have no experience.
    • I am 'time poor' ... work full time and can't be personally involved ...
    • I have a property and the owners are good not finding a good builder.
    • I work part-time and I am personally involved for the property which my client is having for the JV
    • I have just mediated for selling and buying… what is this joint venture?
    Do not choose the wrong partner:
    • Someone who has a pattern of dishonesty, a pretty big sign that they do not is when they don't completely answer your probing questions into their own business affairs and financial history.
    • A partner who is not transparent with you is dangerous and a Partnership Killer.
    • Someone who is dysfunctional in areas that is important in a successful real estate joint venture.
    • Someone who has nothing to contribute to the partnership.
    • Someone who is lazy and won't contribute.
    • Someone who is too busy with a million other things and will never actually have the time to contribute to your partnership.
    Choosing the Right Partner:
    • You want someone who is honest and who has integrity. That is actually no small challenge in this day and age.
    • Your partners should be people you respect and admire.
    • Each partner should be someone with whom you have a kindred spirit.
    • Obviously, you need to get to know someone before you jump into a partnership with them.
    The Purpose of the Joint Venture:
    • The knowledge and experience of the individuals you will bring into the partnership will depend on the purpose of your venture.
    • For example, if your partnership is to develop raw property for sale to builders or other buyers, you would want credentials like these, although this is not at all-inclusive:
    Developing Raw Property in Chennai Joint Ventures:
    • An excavator who has experience sufficient to do the dirt work;
    • An engineer/surveyor with sufficient experience to be able to do all the engineering and surveying required for the platting work;
    • A utilities man, if the excavator does not have the experience, who can install the utilities properly and to code (power, sewer, cable, phone);
    • An asphalt company that can pour beautiful roads throughout the project;
    • A real estate lawyer who knows real estate and all the contracts and negotiations involved;
    • A Realtor who can sell the lots to builders or individuals; and
    • A person or persons with financial resources both cash and credit.
    • An experienced inspector or builder who knows how to inspect;
    • An experienced contractor/builder who can do great rehab work;
    It is difficult to lay down these principles and rules and expect that a group of people could simply do it without years of experience in successful partnerships and real estate investing. It is critical that you draft a very good partnership agreement that clearly spells out all the rights and obligations of each partner and how each will share in the rewards. You've got to have an exit strategy, both for success and for failure. You need a good business plan in writing and well planned spreadsheets (three, one for the best case scenario, one for the worst case scenario, and one for the most likely scenario). Someone has to be good at conducting partnership meetings, addressing conflicts among partners, and resolving challenges.
    Do these things and you will have a Powerful & Successful Joint Venture in Real Estate, and you will make a lot of money in the next five years.
    For all these reasons we are now guiding you and giving you a solution in the name of CHENNAI JOINT VENTURES.
    We have the caliber to combine everyone in a one point and sort the problem of the Mediator, Builder and the Land Owner
    We have launched a platform named and through our platform we will render support to the Land Owners / Builders / Mediators to finish the projects smoothly, in which the Builders and the Mediators can send their Requirements for specified areas with minimum & maximum ground requirements for Joint Venture Developments.
    Landowners can post their property for joint venture development and likewise mediators also (i.e.) who are in direct contact to the owners can post their properties. Our service charges are very nominal.
    We have several Joint Venture projects in our hand and also we require end number of projects in Chennai city and surrounding Chennai.
    We are looking for the new projects to undertake and the valuable support for the progress in the Joint Venture Projects. We are dealing with prompt and well known builders to finish the project as early as possible.

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